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Our Services

We help students explore and identify their purpose in life and integrate their life experiences into their college applications

What we Offer

Our Services are broken into three main segments. Each helping students at unique milestones. They are:

Shaping Futures Program

Helping students discover their purpose in life, commit to something meaningful and shine in college applications  

Mentorship for Grades 8-10

Working towards Resume Development & Career Exploration
Systematic extra-curricular planning
Formulating innovative student-led initiatives
Skill Development
Summer School Applications
Community Service Opportunities
Internship Opportunities
Subject and Board Selection
Assistance with Time Management

Mentorship for Grades 11-12

Working towards building a Winning College Application
Creating the Student’s USP
Resume Development
Standardised Test Strategy
Summer School Applications
Value Adding Workshops
Internship Opportunities
Community Service Opportunities
Best Fit Course and College Selection

College Applications

Working towards securing an admit to the student’s best-fit Undergraduate & Postgraduate colleges

Selection of Best Fit College

Understanding different preferences of the student and their family to determine the best-fit.

Program Selection

Mapping student’s interests, personality, aptitude and goals to arrive at program choices.

Standardized Test Planning

Deciphering the best-fit tests that would capture the child’s potential.

Development of a Unique Story

Differentiating every student’s application by creating their unique selling proposition.

Essay Coaching and Feedback

Working closely with the student to build on their ‘story’ and training them to articulate it with impact.

LOR Guidance

Guiding students to build meaningful relationships with mentors inside and outside school to seek high quality letters.

Application Assistance

Helping students understand the various nuances and application guidelines of every university.

Resume & Linkedin Enhancement

Making sure that students have a differentiated digital footprint.

Career Counseling

Helping students discover their purpose in life, commit to something meaningful and shine in college applications  

Personalized Planning

Assessment of career choices, streams, interests, strengths, weaknesses, goals & personality vis-a-vis subjects, board & college

Roadmap Building

Creation of a roadmap regarding summer school, online courses, independent initiatives, internships, community service and more

What Sets Us Apart?

We help students develop a clear sense of purpose to enable them to (i) produce stronger college essays (ii) identify which colleges and major they want to apply for (iii) develop into dynamic individuals with a strong personality.




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