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Frequently Asked Questions

Kritika Bagaria Associates is an education consultancy whereby we mentor students in classes 8-12 through the process of deciding their career goals and assist them with undergraduate admissions to colleges in India and abroad. We follow a 1-to-1 compassionate process to help students and their families navigate the stressful application process. We focus on identifying each student’s strengths, developing their skills and creating a unique differentiating factor in their profile. The ultimate goal is to secure admission into a college that would best fit them. We have our office in Kolkata and cater to clients across India using a variety of virtual communication means.

Yes, we work with clients from across the globe as we work via a mix of online and offline interactions. The use of technology makes the process of interaction and coordination seamless. 

We always recommend students to start early, preferably class VIII onwards, in order to have sufficient time in hand to build a holistic profile that will enable them to stand out among a competitive pool of applicants. 


Students typically enroll for our Shaping Futures Program in classes VIII/IX/X and enroll for application support and guidance in classes XI/XII.

No, we don’t provide test-prep services but can connect students with excellent test-prep professionals who could assist them with tutoring services. 

We do not write recommendation letters and discourage applicants from writing their own recommendation letters because recommendation letters should ideally be written by the recommender themselves, as they could provide the most accurate information about the candidate. We do however help the student brainstorm about the general themes of the letter which could be in sync with the application to be submitted.

As overseas education consultants, we stay on top of the visa process, but we are not experts in the field. When the time comes, we recommend our students to qualified visa experts who could guide them through the process with immigration matters.

We help students develop a clear sense of purpose to enable them to produce stronger college essays, identify which colleges/majors they want to apply for and develop into dynamic individuals with a strong personality. 

Our services are 

  1. Personalised 
  2. Compassionate 
  3. Hands-on

We work one on one with every family – our recommendations are customised for each client because we recognise that every applicant is different and we are committed to helping each one express his or her individuality throughout the process. We keep parents in loop throughout the process while pushing students to take active ownership of the deliverables.

Yes, we work closely with each family to understand their preferences in terms of geography/location, finance and long-term goals while taking into consideration factors such as the student’s career goals, language and cultural preferences, academic performance, interests and personality.

No, we mentor our students to understand their personal writing style, and help them with brainstorming on the essays which would possibly set them apart as an applicant. We assist in editing the drafts, making sure that the message is clearly communicated to the college through the essay.

Yes, KBA assists the student in understanding their best chances for merit scholarships and need based awards as a part of the college selection process. We help students brainstorm about the relevant applications/essays required for financial aid as well.

An education consultant plays various roles:

Mentor – who can motivate the student through the gruelling application process and serve both as a friend and disciplinarian

Sounding Board – to offer informed advice on crucial matters with regard to application Dos and Don’ts

Observer – to help students pick out nuances and finer details from their lives to stitch them together to create a unique story that would enable them to stand out from the crowd

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