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Episode 3: All About Breaking Taboos ft. Ananya Chhaochharia

Ananya Chhaochharia is an intersectional feminist working at the crossroads of gender and politics. Ananya transitioned from her well-paying job as a political consultant to initiate Paint it Red. As a 25-year old young changemaker, Ananya identifies the need to build collective movements to challenge systemic issues in the country. She has dedicatedly nurtured young leaders to enter the public policy and development sector. She has been accepted into Harvard Kennedy School to pursue her Masters in Public Policy but deferred her education due to COVID with the motivation to continue destigmatizing periods and provide relief to those who can’t afford or access it.

We spoke about:

(i) Subject, college and career choices and the panic and euphoria that comes with making these critical choices

(ii) The importance of taking risks, failing and discovering one’s passions and identity

(iii) The role of mentors and how students can find their role model and guide

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